Saturday, November 2, 2019

Second half semester

The second half semester of the autumn semester has begun. Classes will also take place on Saturdays, but now the second-year master students will be engaged first, and then the first-year master students.

The second year of master's degree:
We have agreed with the second-year master students to organize team training projects in MemSource in November. The MemSource developers have provided us with 5 project manager accounts and 50 linguist accounts. Since there are only 12 master students in the second year group, I hope that we will be able to conduct full-fledged training team projects by the end of November. I've given the masters the task to organize training teams, select project managers and select training files for translation.

The first year of master's degree:
The first-year groups have been again added with master students. Now 30 master students from different countries will study in two groups of the first-year master's degree. In the introductory part of the lesson, I showed my real current project in SDL Trados Studio, starting from receiving an order and downloading the SDL Trados Package to completing the translation using the functions of Concordance, SDL Language Cloud, UpLift etc. and up to arranging the Return Package for the client. At the end of the class, we have discussed the progress of MemSource projects and the subsequent switching to SDL Trados Studio.

Conclusions: Now I have to involve first-year and second-year master students to carry out training team projects in Smartcat or MemSource. I'm not sure of success yet :)

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