Saturday, October 26, 2019

Switching to English

The first half-term of the fall semester is coming to an end. From now on, I will try to write this blog in English.

The first year of Master's degree:
Today, as usual, I started my lesson with freelance questions. On the website of the Language Professional's Code of Ethics, I found an example related to machine translation. Does the translator have to agree with the customer on the use of machine translation in the translation project? The site offers a solution to notify the customer and reduce the price for the use of machine translation. After discussing this case, we and the master students came to the opinion that the decision will depend on the evaluation of a specific customer and a specific translation project. Moreover, the machine translation options are already built into the automated translation systems that we study together with masters.
In the main part of the lesson, we continued to get acquainted with the work of the manager and linguist in the MemSource system. So far I have taken over the functions of a training project manager to see and evaluate the progress of the training projects. Although I gave the assignments to send me the files for translation last Saturday, the most master students sent me the files at the last moment, that is, last night and this morning.
In the last part of the lesson I conducted an introductory session in SDL Trados Studio on the basis of my real order, which I received just before the lesson.

The second year of Master's degree:
We discussed and compared the advantages and disadvantages of MemSource and Smartcat systems with the second-year master students. For now the Smartcat has the only advantage by its free connection. I have given the task to the master students to perform trial comparative projects in MemSource and Smartcat. 

Conclusions: So far I like how the first and second year master students work in classes and do homework :)

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