Monday, September 20, 2010

Harmful advices for translation agencies and translators

Some days ago having read two articles with mutual claims of agencies and translators. First, Erik Hansson wrote his 16 safe ways for freelancers to ruin their relationship with a translation agency. Then Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini wrote the reverse side of the list. Both translation agency managers and freelance translators must read these mutual "harmful advices".

I've recalled a couple of pearls of wisdom from my failed clients as well:

The most widespread proposition from translation agencies: "Please provide (advise) your best rates." (in no case I cannot call the worst rates my best rates).

The same manager in the same offer may write: "This is a very important client for us." and "We do not proofread your translation, so please provide us with the best quality." (will be proofreading at my cost?).

And in conclusion I'd like to highlight two quotations from Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini:
"Most translators need agencies, and all agencies need translators."
"we have a magic word that solves all problems. The magic word is "no." Just say "no" to bad business practices. "No" is a word that opens countless (better) doors. Try it!"

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