Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tess Whitty's presentation at ATA Conference in tweets

If you could not attend the 51st ATA Annual Conference held in Denver from 27 to 30 October 2010, you could follow the presentations of interest in Twitter. Thanks to Monica Oliveira (@MonicaMOliveira) and Eve Lindemuth Bodeaux (@ebodeaux), you could follow the main points of Tess Whitty's presentation on marketing freelance:

@MonicaMOliveira: #ata51 presentation on marketing freelance by T Whitty: you have to adjust your desirable rate to the market.

@MonicaMOliveira: Witty at #ata51, you can get clients to pay your desired rate if you can convince them you are unique.

@MonicaMOliveira: Whitty presentation @ #ata51. Have a professionally done resume.I agree, I get lots of translators resume without language pair!

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - get across to potential clients what it would cost them NOT to hire you >> excellent!

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - Track your #marketing efforts online and off. Helps you adjust strategy.

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - follow up in (traditional) marketing (call or contact them) is very impt

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - ask new customers how they found you - to adjust and focus you #marketing efforts

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - ask new customers how they found you - to adjust and focus you #marketing efforts

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - using 1-pg marketing plan to define (and track!) goals

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - reflect on why your biz exists, who is your ideal client? (Define your market) #marketing

@MonicaMOliveira: My advice: personal information,like age,marital status, and gender, is BIG NO-NO

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - find balance: time invested vs. return you get in actual business. #marketing

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - market your services consistently - and follow up makes huge difference

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - a marketing plan is simply a structured way to define and track your goals

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - assess your marketing plan quarterly to keep on track and also assess your progress

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - niche, specialization very impt in differentiating yourself from the competition #marketing

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - can use publicity to get people to come to you [also makes you seem as expert / you in position of control]

@ebodeaux: #ata51 @Tesstranslates - marketing goals - such as "want to make $X per week" to measure success

Although Twitter cannot replace the live attendance, you can make useful conclusions to improve your current freelance marketing. At least I'm doing so.

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