Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jost Zetzsche's presentation at AMTA conference in Twitter

If you could not attend the 51st ATA Annual Conference held in Denver from 31 October to 4 November 2010, you could follow the presentations of interest in Twitter. Thanks to Kirti Vashee (@kvashee) you could follow the main points of Jost Zetzsche's presentation "HIC SVNT DRACONES! Encountering the Unknown: When Machine and Human Translators Meet":

@Jeromobot = JZ so I will use that as the abbreviation - no wonder he likes Beyonce so much #AMTA2010

JZ: It is important to build bridges and communicate better #AMTA2010

JZ: Talking about Babelfish and how it caused wars because of miscommunication #AMTA2010

JZ: Comparing Jaap quote with Mao quote about letting a hundred flowers bloom #AMTA2010

JZ: Talking about how differently xl8rs view themselves vs MT people #AMTA2010 e.g. bridge builder, language

JZ: Listing what xl8rs could have done better e.g. Response to TM#AMTA2010

JZ: TM is "a low-level feature of MT" and need to learn about diff types of MT #AMTA2010

JZ: What can MT community do better #AMTA2010 Xl8rs are based on our translations - Please acknowledge

JZ: Talk to us in "real" language #AMTA2010 Admit what your tools can and cannot do

JZ: Showing an idiot quote by SDL Tapling saying that MT is "magical" #AMTA2010 Mocking this

JZ: Give us challenging tasks #AMTA2010 Showing a live conversation with me on Twitter discussing improvement strategies

JZ: The Title translates to Here be Dragons! #AMTA2010 which was what maps had when they did not know what it was

JZ: We tend to demonize the unknown #AMTA2010 Lets enter each others terra incognita and put myths behind us

JZ: MT post-editing is not the same as editing fuzzy matches so dont tell us that #AMTA2010 Want instant gratification

JZ: We want to participate in "making it better" #AMTA2010

Later in his newsletter Jost Zetzsche wrote about the value of the ATA and AMTA conferences held in Denver this autumn: "What happened during the co-located ATA and AMTA conferences in Denver was the final formation of a strong bridge between the two communities, and now it's up to you and me and those on the other side to actually use that bridge."

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